Art of Chai

Our next class is on Oct 13 2013 at Stable Cafe at 1:30pm. Sign up for our newsletter to receive information for upcoming workshops.

The best cup of chai is one that you make – as you will make it exactly the way YOU like it. We offer classes that provide a deeper understanding of chai - its history and cultural roots, methods of preparation, and how to choose its main components: tea, spices, milk.

Here’s what we discuss in the class:

  1. History and culture of chai in India
  2. How different methods of preparation change flavor profiles
  3. How to choose the main components of chai: tea, milk and spices
  4. Therapeutic qualities of tea and spices
  5. The difference between chai and “chai latte”
  6. What constitutes Indian street food (“chaat”)

After the cooking demo we will sit down and enjoy a tasting of my signature Masala Chai and Rose Chai with some “chaat” (optional) to complete the chai time experience.

You will leave with

  1. A sample of loose tea blend, so you can experiment making chai at home and discover your perfect cup of chai
  2. A shopping list to recreate the chai time experience at home

Class schedule is updated every quarter.

We also offer private classes at your home/office or at our kitchen. It’s a fun activity for a wedding/baby shower, birthday parties or a team-building event at your office. Want to organize the class just for you and your friends? Email us at