Mission and Values

We believe in making and drinking delicious chai - everyday. 

The Chai Cart® started as a weekend pasttime in 2009 and turned into a full time endeavour in 2011 (read our story). Today, we operate 3 carts in downtown San Francisco and our products are sold select stores in SF Bay Area including Whole Foods Market.

At the carts, our chai is brewed fresh twice a day using premium organic tea, real spices and Clover Organic milk. It is very lightly sweetened - just enough to bring out the flavors. Our products are crafted in small batches using the same high quality pure ingredients without any preservatives or artificial flavors.

What makes us unique?

There are chai carts in every corner in India, and there are coffee houses that sell "Chai Latte" all over the US . When you put the two of those together, you get the genesis of an especially unique business. The Chai Cart provides a product and an experience - that transcends cultures and exemplifies our interconnected global world. Unlike the busy atmosphere of cafes, our sidewalk carts feel open and approachable. Our friendly chaiwallas are ready to engage in conversation should customers choose to linger. Similar to coffee houses like Starbucks, our products can be used to make great chai at home, at work or by other cafes. 

Our Mission

Provide our customers with an experience that will inspire them to make chai an integral part of their lives - just like its part of ours.